Fight Against the COVID-19

  • Fight Against the COVID-19

Fight against the COVID-19

In 2020, the global epidemic, COVID-19 swept the world fiercely, which not only took away many people’s lives, but also impacted the business all over the world.  In order to cut down the effluence to the industry, ChinaFish tried many ways, such as open an e-Market section on its website in very short time with quick action, holding two real shows in Weihai, and introducing a new way for the international buyers to visit the show by video connection.

In 2021, the epidemic hasn’t been rooted out, ChinaFish is about to build up a new complex platform together with 4 shows, ChinaFish, CGC (Weihai) Expo, CGC (Weihai) Show, Boat Show Weihai for both the international buyers and exhibitors, hoping that this will help the business keep going, and the industry can recover as soon as possible.

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