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To enhance the protection of intellectual property rights in China International Fishing Tackle Trade Exhibition, China Fish makes the IPR protection regulations according to the “Measures for the Protection of Intellectual Property Rights during Exhibitions” adopted by the Ministry of Commerce, State Administration fo Industry and Commerce, National Copyright Administration and State Intellectual Property Office of the People’s Republic of China, which was published on March 1st, 2006. The contents are as follows:

  • The scope of intellectual property protection during the exhibition is inclusive of the protection of patent, trademark and copyright, which not only means the exhibits, but also refers to promotion materials, adverts, pictures, etc. which are hanging or laying in the booth.
  • The exhibitor must prepare in advance all the IPR certificates or the legal and valid licenses with respect to Exhibits.  Exhibitors must also acknowledge they have read the Regulation for Protection of Intellectual Property Rights during exhibition, and warrant to observe the IPR protection laws and regulations and to abide by decisions of the IPR office.
  • A holder of intellectual property rights may complain to the office for complaints on intellectual property rights during the exhibition, and could also appeal to the court or file a complain to the local IPR administrative institutes. Whoever takes a complaint to the office for the complaints should submit following materials:

1) A legitimate and effective certificate of the ownership of intellectual property rights: where any patent is involved therein, the patent certificate, the text of patent announcement, the credential of the patent owner, the certification on the legal status of the patent shall be submitted; where any trademark is involved therein, the certification documents of trademark registration shall be submitted, which shall be confirmed by the complaints by affixing a seal, and the credential of the trademark owner shall be submitted as well; where any copyright is involved therein, the certification of copyright and the credential of the copyright owner shall be submitted;
2) The basic information of the person being suspected of any infringement;
3) The explanations and evidence for any suspected infringement;
4) Where an agent is entrusted to take a complaint, the relevant trust deed shall be submitted.
5) Other requested documents by IPR office.

  • The IPR office will notify potential IPR offenders, requesting them to respond within one day and submit the required documents and proof of their legitimacy. Failing to submit relevant documents gives the IPR office the right to request the respondent to suspend the display of exhibits; to destroy and suspend distribution of advertising material and remove offenders exhibiting boards. Exhibitors in question will not be allowed to re-exhibit with the same material.
  • Where a complainant causes any losses to the relevant respondent by submitting any false complaint material or by any other fabricated complaint, he should bear legal liabilities.
  • If the complaints about the IPR fail to get the final solution, the relevant complainant and the respondent should contact IPR administrative institute to deal with the complaints according to the laws and regulations. The Organizer and the Exhibition Center have no legal liabilities to the exhibitions loss caused by taking temporary measures to the complainant and the respondent.


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