Beijing Night

  • Beijing Night

Beijing Night

Beijing Bars & Cafes

Large bars have performances most nights and the main bar areas are in Houhai, Shichahai, Workers' Stadium, Chaoyang Park, Asia Games Village (Yanyuncun) and the university area in the Haidian District are really worth checking out. New popular places include Yuandadu Bar Street, Xingbalu Bar Street.

Beijing Opera Show

Beijing Opera is one of Chinese traditional arts, and plays an important role in Chinese culture.

Check the most recommended Peking Opera Theaters and appreciating the quintessence of Chinese Opera with the locals.

Beijing Acrobatics

Beijing acrobatics is one entertainment that must not be missed by the young and old on a visit to Beijing. China has many world class acrobatic troupes.

Beijing Kung Fu Show

Chinese Kung Fu (martial arts) is so prestigious on the global scene that Zheng zhou, Henan Province, has become the mecca for Wushu lovers who congregate there for an annual international Wushu festival.

Beijing Teahouse Theater

For Chinese-Tea-lovers, Laoshe Teahouse is an exciting cultural place to experience the authentic Tea Culture of China. It is located at Qianmen 

Beijing Modern Drama

If you are interested in modern drama, there are three places that you can appreciate them.

1. Lao She Tea House
2. Beijing People's Art Theater 
3. Small experimental theater of the Central Drama Institute 

Spa & Massage

There are many options available for massage in Beijing. The foot bath massage is a special one. The feet are soaked in a warm bath infused with special minerals and herbs. The masseuse then rubs the feet, using principles of reflexology. You’ll get full refreshed after this.

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