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Enhancing Intellectual Property Rights Protection in the Industry

From the year of 2000, the copy issue began to catch on in China tackle industry, as well as at China Fish show. As the problem was becoming serious day by day, we got aware of the significance of the issue, which is no good for the industry and ChinaFish show.
During the past few years, China Fish has been always highly emphasizing the intellectual property rights issue. In 2008, China Fish was honored to won a prize, RMB 20,000, from Beijing Intellectual Property Office for China Fish efforts and achievements in the IPR protection.

(A)  Significant events in IPR protection of Beijing Admire Exhibition Co., Ltd and the industry


China Fish began emphasizing the Intellectual property rights issue because of the copy issue in China tackle industry.


The Best Product Showcase was introduced to China Fish show.


The Chinese government issued the Measures for the Protection of Intellectual Property Rights during Exhibitions.


China Fish invited the officials and lawyers from the IPR authorities to set up on-site IPR office to deal with complaints during the show.


China Fish invited top officials and lawyers both from Beijing Intellectual Property Office and Intellectual Property Office of Jiangsu Province to the show.


China Fish invited top officials and lawyers both from Beijing Intellectual Property Office to the show.


China Fish invited lawyers from Beijing Intellectual Property Office to the show.

(B) Organizing IPR seminar and offering online IPR consulting
In China Fish 2008 in Suzhou, Mr. Liu Zhengang, Director of Beijing Intellectual Property Office, delivered a speech on intensifying the protection of the IPR during the exhibitions. And he also informed that “The Measures of Beijing Municipality for the Protection of Intellectual Property Rights during Exhibitions” were adopted at the 76th executive meeting of the Government of Beijing Municipality on November 19, 2007, and shall come into force as of March 1, 2008. Director Liu’s speech well suggested that the Chinese government attaches great importance to the IPR issue, and gets aware to protect their intellectual property through legal process. And also, the speech did remove some foreign players’ worries on playing in Chinese market.

Mr. Liu Zhengang, Director of Beijing IPR Office is delivering the speech

Mr. Liu Zhengang is listening to the questions from an overseas buyer.

On China Fish website, www.chinafishshow.org, China Fish, in particular, set up a channel from which people can consult IPR related questions with lawyers from the IPR law firm.  

(C) The cases China Fish have assisted on IPR protection
   Case 1: Before China Fish 2008 opening, Abramis, a Poland company, had contact our Beijing office several times for the infringement of their box designing artwork. China Fish helped them contact the company in trouble right after getting the details of the issue. During the show, China Fish also introduced the lawyer for these two companies. After the lawyer’s mediation, the infringing company made an official apology both to Abramis and the public in local newspaper, and the Abramis decided not to go to court.
   Case 2: In 2008, the Italian company Angerlo told China Fish that one of their Chinese suppliers had delayed the products. China Fish got in touch with the company and after the research, China Fish got the detailed reason——the flood. Understanding this unexpected flood, ANGERLO allowed the supplier to postpone the time of supply.
   Case 3: With the support of China Fish, the lure manufacturer Weiyu Fishing Tackle Co., Ltd raised his reputation in the Italy and Africa market.

D) Helping Foreign Companies deal with the product liability insurance problem
When foreign companies are working with Chinese fishing product suppliers on product liability insurance, the company can come to our company for legal assistance. We will assist the companies contact world-famous insurance company to settle the problem they encountered.
For instance, in September, 2007, Pure Fishing, the world's largest fishing tackle company was working with their fishing product suppliers on product liability insurance and requiring them to have some insurance up to $1 million dollars. Our company assisted them to deal with the insurance with China Pacific Property Insurance Company Beijing Branch.

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