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Beijing Admire Exhibition Co., Ltd. was founded in 2005, which used to be Beijing Admire Economic Development Co., Ltd. founded in 1995 formerly. Weihai All-Sino Exhibition Co., Ltd. and ChinaFish, Inc. in the US are the cooperating companies of Beijing Admire Exhibition Co., Ltd.  Li Jiang is the founder, the CEO and the president of the above companies.

In 1991, approved by National Ministry of Foreign Trade (Ministry of Commerce of China), China International Fishing Tackle Trade Exhibition (ChinaFish) was held by Li Jiang, which was the first time for the fishing tackle products made in China to be exhibited at a national exhibition to be publicized and introduced to the Chinese fishing tackle dealers and fishermen, and also the first time to introduce the advanced fishing skills and ideas from foreign countries into China.

Along with the fast development of the Chinese fishing tackle industry, in order to offer professional and international exhibition service for the exhibitors and the buyers, Li Jiang founded Beijing Admire Economic Development Co., Ltd. whose main business is China International Fishing Tackle Trade Exhibition, it is one of the first professional exhibition companies privately owned to showcase fishing tackle and outdoors products to the markets both home and abroad.

After years of hard work and the perseverance of specialization, ChinaFish has been one of the most important international fishing tackle shows that are popular among the fishing tackle manufacturers and traders both home and abroad. It is one of the three world fishing tackle shows such as ICAST in U.S.A., EFTTEX in Europe. It is among the top the international shows on its exhibition size, exhibits range, reputation and credibility.

ChinaFish has been changing itself for new position, new breakthrough and innovation in the development of Chinese fishing tackle industry. Each year, the latest news of the world fishing tackle industry is communicated here at the first time, which helps the cooperation between the Chinese and the overseas companies of the show and their development. In January, 2019, selected by the 16th China Exhibition of the Year, ChinaFish won the Golden Prize of China Brand Exhibition for 40-year Opening and Reform, China Exhibition of the Year, beside, Li Jiang also won the prize of Outstanding Person of China Exhibition.

In 2008, ChinaFish launched the first China (Weihai) Fishing Tackle Exhibition at China fishing tackle manufacturing base (CGC EXPO for short) and in 2014, it launched the first  China (Yantai) International Boat, RV and Fishing Tackle Show (CGC SHOW for short) in Yantai, Shandong Province, which moved to Weihai in 2017. Now, there are two shows in Weihai, CGC SHOW in spring and CGC EXPO in fall. Taking advantage of the biggest fishing tackle manufacturing base in Weihai, the shows provide the convenient platforms for the traders both home and abroad, and they have become the window and platform of the international trade market for the fishing tackle fellows both home and abroad.

CGC EXPO was firstly launched in 2008 and has been held successfully ever since then, and is selected as Brand Exhibition in Shandong for years. CGC SHOW was firstly held in 2014, which won the prize of China Brand Exhibition from 2018 to 2019 as China’s Most Characterized Exhibition as well. And Li Jiang, won the prize of China Outstanding Exhibition Organizer from 2018 to 2019.

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