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China Culture, Education and Sports Products Association, a state association approved by State Civil Administration Ministry in 1989, is responsible for managing the industry specializing in producing and operating instruments and equipments of culture and education, sports and leisure. The association sets 19 branches and specialty committees.
China Fishing Tackle Association, one of its industry branches, is a national industry organization composed of the enterprises manufacturing and operating fishing tackle and the relative products. The main functions of the China Fishing Tackle Association are:
01. Investigating the development of the fishing tackle industry, reflecting the requests of the members to the government and the relative departments; and lodging the suggestions on policy and legislation making.
02. Replying the enquiries from the government and relative departments;
03. Protecting members’ legitimate rights and moderate the relation of the members
04. Carrying out the industry status investigation and collecting and releasing the industry information;
05. Originating the industry’s publications;
06. Participating in the formulation of the industry products standard and service standard;
07. Formulating the industry rules, supervising the behavior of the members and maintain the fair competition in the industry;
08. Organizing the industrial products exhibition and the communication and cooperation of industrial techniques;
09. Conducting the bulletin meetings and seminars concerning the industry’s development;
10. Instructing and assisting the enterprises improve the operating and managing;
11. Offering the consulting service and providing the members with the domestic and overseas economical and technical information and market information;
12. Communicating and cooperating with foreign brother organizations of the industry;
13. Accomplishing entrustment from the government and relative departments.

History of Fishing Tackle Association in China
China Fishing Tackle Association, a branch of China Culture, Education and Sports Products Association, was initially called China Angling Association founded in September of 1983 in the city of Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, South East China. Mr. Jin Liren, then-director of Communication Department of PLA General Political Department was selected the first president.
In March of 1991, Mr. Xiao Peng, then-vice-minister of Agriculture Ministry succeeded the president position.
In June of 1992, proposed by Mr. Wu Shaozu, then-director of the State Sports Committee, China Angling Association was officially taken over by Ministry of Agriculture from the State Sports Committee. Then the committee was responsible only for directing, but not administrating.
Beginning from 1999, State Physical Cultural Administration (In March of 1998, the State Sports Committee changed into State Physical Cultural Administration) wanted to administrate China Angling Association again, requesting the Ministry of Agriculture to transfer the work of the association back to it. But, the Ministry of Agriculture did not agree as it had done lots of work on the association.
Just at that time, State Civil Administration Ministry was working on readjusting and re-regulating social associations, requesting all the social associations to re-register in State Civil Administration Ministry. Meanwhile, the ministry released the “Social Association Registration Regulations”, stating that all the social associations, before re-registering in State Civil Administration Ministry, have to get the approval of its supervising administrative department.
Fishing is a kind of sports; and State Physical Cultural Administration is the supervising administrative department of all the activities related to sports. If China Angling Association wanted to re-register in State Civil Administration Ministry, it must get the approval of State Physical Cultural Administration first. As the dispute that China Angling Association is belonging to which and which between State Physical Cultural Administration and the Ministry of Agriculture was not resolved, and the mediation didn’t work, China Angling Association was listed among the 63 national social associations that State Civil Administration Ministry refused to make re-registration for in No. 41 Announcement of the ministry on June 6, 2003. As a result, China Angling Association lost its legal existence in China and had to stop all its activities.

Mr.Li Jiang, president of China Fish, participating in the Seminar on Chinese Fishing Tackle Application & Development in On-Water Playground of Dingshan Lake in Shanghai on November 23, 1996.
1997 The first article about fishing tackle in foreign media was translated and delivered to Chinese enterprises by China Fish.
1998 The first English website concerning fishing tackle in China was made by China Fish.
1998 Chinese industry attending the foreign exhibition for the first time was organized by China Fish.
2008 For the first time, China Fish show was held out of Beijing. China Fish 2008 won a complete success in Suzhou. 
2008 First China Fishing Gear Manufacturing Center Expo (CGC EXPO), a new show of China Fish, is to be held in Weihai, the biggest tackle making base in China.
2010 China Fish celebrated its 20th anniversary and the number of exhibitors created a new record.
2015 China Fish celebrated its 25th anniversary and the number of exhibitors created a new record.
China Fish Development in the Past Five Years


China Fish 2010
Date: 23—25, Feb, 2010
Exhibit Area: 35,000 SQM
Exhibitors: 509 companies
Buyers: 2157 international buyers from 82 countries and regions


China Fish 2009
Date: 15—17, Feb, 2009
Exhibit Area: 26,700 SQM
Exhibitors: 445 companies
Buyers: 1702 international buyers from 85 countries and regions


China Fish 2008
Date: 17—19, Feb, 2008
Exhibit Area: 31,000 SQM
Exhibitors: 430companies
Buyers: 1934 international buyers from 78 countries and regions


China Fish 2007
Date: 26—28, Feb, 2007 Exhibit Area: 20970 SQM 
Exhibitors: 420 companies 
Buyers: 1500 international buyers coming from 72 countries and regions


China Fish 2006
Date: 13—15, Feb, 2006
Exhibit Area: 22800 SQM
Exhibitors: 341 companies
Buyers: 1,175 international buyers coming from more than 65 countries


China Fish 2005
Date: 21—23, Feb, 2005
Exhibit Area: 14200 SQM
Exhibitors: 274 companies
Buyers:1096 international buyers coming from more than 60 countries


China Fish 2004
Date: 10—12, Feb, 2004
Exhibit Area: 13000 SQM
Exhibitors: 270 companies
Buyers: 790 international buyers from 56 countries & 2500 domestic buyers

China Fish 2003
Date: 13—16, Feb, 2003
Exhibit Area: 10000 SQM
Exhibitors: 191 companies
Buyers: 456 buyers from 52 countries  Affected by SARS

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