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All these services are only provided for ChinaFish 2024 international buyers, please register ChinaFish 2024 international buyer first.

Early Badge Pick-up at China Fish Hotels

To minimize the line at the exhibition hall, all ChinaFish 2025 pre-registered buyers who booked hotels through ChinaFish can pick up their badges in the lobbies of the hotels

Pick-up Date: Saturday Feb 8, 2025

Pick-up Schedule at ChinaFish Hotels

Booking ChinaFish Hotels

Complimentary Shuttle

Complimentary shuttle buses are available between the ChinaFish hotels and the event during the show.

Show Shuttle Buses Schedule

Airport Shuttle Buses Schedule

Visa Invitation Letter

If you are traveling to our show from a country whose citizens require a visa for China, you will have the option of requesting an invitation letter to be emailed to you. Please print the invitation out with other materials required by your local embassies or consulates with you to apply your visa. Please refer to the guidelines of applying visa issued by your local institutes.

Invitation letter requests will be accepted starting 3 months before the show opens and will be closed 3 working days before the show.

Apply Visa Invitation Letter

Notice of Extension of Visa Exemption Policy for Citizens of 12 Countries

Visa-Free Transit Policies for Foreign Nationals

China Fish Lounge

Booth No.: To be provided at a later time.
Refresh yourself here by taking some drinks, snacks and charge your phones at the Charging Stations.


Interpreter Service

The Interpreter Service provides interpreters of languages including but not limited to English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.
English Interpreter: USD100/day/person + working lunch(es) for the interpreter;
Other Languages Interpreters: USD120/day/person + working lunch(es) for the interpreter.

Please note that each interpreter only provides one foreign language interpretation.
Working area for the interpretation service: Within the exhibition center.

Working hours:
Feb. 9-10 8 hours (9:00 am – 17:00 pm)
Feb. 11 6 hours (9:00 am – 15:00 pm)



All the exhibitors and Buyers can leave their belongings such as coats, luggage, bags, hats, etc. free of charge. Please make sure to take them back before the closing time and do not leave any valuable items behind.

Booth No.: To be provided at a later time.

Bistros & Concession Stands

You can choose to grab a bite for lunch or have your lunch in the bistros. The following restaurants are available: Costa, Mc Donald, Chinese Buffet etc. These places have been strictly disinfected.

Intellectual Property Rights Office

If you encounter any copyright infringement or dispute, please visit the Booth of IPR. The official lawyers and officers of IPR will be there to help you with the problem. Alternatively, you can contact them at their website: or phone: +86 12330


The services are subject to change accordingly,

and the changes will be notified on the page.

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